The Brand



House of Laith was founded by Saudi artist Jalila Nayil in 2018 with a desire to translate her love for MINIMAL design and SIMPLE living. “When clothes are made in a simple and smart way, our life becomes simpler, then, we can spend less time thinking about what and how to wear and more time with our loved ones”

With her background as a conceptual artist and designer, Jalila is amongst new Saudi female entrepreneurs who are using their creative talents to present their country in a new limelight. Being exposed to art and design from a young age Jalila’s entrepreneurial started off as a freelance designer working for many well-known brands. Her creative approach to digital images, canvas paintings and photography earned her a standing in local design circles and that subsequently saw her work being displayed in international exhibitions.

Jalila is PASSIONATE about creating VERSATILE items in SLOW FASHION manner that can be worn and REWORN from day to night with comfort and EASE. House of Laith values skilled CRAFTSMANSHIP and artisanal work which adds an undeniable QUALITY element to each carefully created piece. Its signature items are meticulously custom designed and made to bring a peaceful AUTHENTIC touch to each product. @jalilanayil